ERPNext for Manufacturing

At 4C Solutions, our commitment to excellence in manufacturing is fortified by the robust capabilities of ERPNext. This integrated platform serves as the backbone of our operations, offering a comprehensive suite of tools to navigate the intricacies of modern manufacturing.

Master Data

The Master Data functionality allows us to meticulously manage our warehouses, workstations, operations, and inventory items, ensuring a robust foundation for our production activities.

Transaction Data

Certainly! In the ERPNext Manufacturing module, you can efficiently manage production using multilevel Bill of Materials (BOMs). This facilitates product costing, production planning, work order creation, job card generation, and inventory planning via Material Requirements Planning (MRP). The integrated approach enhances overall control and efficiency in manufacturing operations.

Types of Production Planning

The flexibility to adapt to various production planning strategies, such as make-to-order and engineer-to-order, is particularly valuable for our dynamic business model.

Manufacturing impact on Inventory

The impact on inventory is seamlessly managed, with work order status intricately linked to stock transactions. The movement of raw materials from storage to the Work-In-Progress Warehouse is orchestrated smoothly, with options for bulk or sequential consumption, providing us with the agility needed in the ever-evolving manufacturing landscape.